WonderWorlds Photography  Video & Images by Silvia Hartmann
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WonderWorlds Videos

Very cool videos with original soundtracks by Silvia

The First WonderWorlds Video The First WonderWorlds Video WonderWorlds video no. 1 - our first attempt! A selection of the first galleries - crystal, water,...
  • Quartz Textures Quartz Textures A gallery of 21 beautiful quartz textures for wonderworld dreaming or to use as base patterns for ...
  • Mysterious Stone :-) Mysterious Stone :-) There are those who say that crystals have a path and sometimes they meet the right people at the...
  • Crystal Fantasy Crystal Fantasy A real good time was had by all creating this collection of fantasy crystal photographs - fantasy ...
  • Crystal Existence Crystal Existence A gorgeous collection of classic wonderworlds images - the time and life of crystal existence in w...
  • Crystal Dynamics Crystal Dynamics Crystals are not these hard, dead rocks - they are dynamic, developing, growing, unfolding their o...
  • Quartz Crystal II Quartz Crystal II Beautiful, inspiring images of quartz crystals transport us into the crystalline wonderworlds ...
  • Tourmaline Tourmaline Gorgeous tourmaline crystals in a quartz crystal matrix ...
  • Titanium Crystals Titanium Crystals Fabulous otherworldly wonderworlds - enter the worlds of the titanium crystals ...
  • Quartz Crystal I Quartz Crystal I Gorgeous quartz crystals - true wonderworlds await ...
  • Colorful Crystals I Colorful Crystals I Beautiful images of colorful crystal worlds ...
Ice Pictures

The WonderWorlds Of Ice

Ice Gallery II Ice Gallery II Ice storm, ice mountains ... wonderworlds of ice, continued.

Seamless Background Images

Seamless Background Images Bring the wonderworlds to your site or blog with these exquisite, hand adjusted seamless background images of beads, crystals, glass and bubbles.

If you use one of these, a LINK to WonderWorlds.org will bring much joy and lots of good karma, luck and prosperity!
Blue Crystals Seamless Background

Blue Crystals Seamless Background
27660 bytes
400 x 300

Bubble Jellyfish Seamless Background

Bubble Jellyfish Seamless Background
24481 bytes
400 x 300

Crystal Amber Seamless Background

Crystal Amber Seamless Background
28933 bytes
400 x 288

Crystal Babies Seamless Background

Crystal Babies Seamless Background
32155 bytes
371 x 375

Bubbles Seamless Background

Bubbles Seamless Background
33669 bytes
400 x 300

Glass Beads Seamless Background

Glass Beads Seamless Background
26208 bytes
512 x 384

Glass Crystal Seamless Background

Glass Crystal Seamless Background
25798 bytes
400 x 300

Pretty Girlie Crystal Seamless Background

Pretty Girlie Crystal Seamless Background
16755 bytes
400 x 300

Shiny Beads Seamless Background

Shiny Beads Seamless Background
30052 bytes
400 x 300

Titanium Crystals Seamless Background

Titanium Crystals Seamless Background
36403 bytes
400 x 300

Go HERE For More Seamless Background Images --->

Posted Feb 5, 2009   
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Free Backgrounds by Silvia

Free seamless repeating backgrounds for websites, blogs, spaces and more!

Halloween & Pumpkin Seamless Repeating Backgrounds Halloween & Pumpkin Seamless Repeating Backgrounds Happy Halloween! Looking for a Halloween texture, or a seamlessly repeating Halloween background? Here ...