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Very cool videos with original soundtracks by Silvia

White Clouds Daydreaming Video: Cloudz White Clouds Daydreaming Video: Cloudz Based on the White Clouds series of photographs, here is a wonderfully relaxing and de-stressing v...
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Ice Pictures

The WonderWorlds Of Ice

Ice Gallery I Ice Gallery I Ice Gallery I: Ice melting ... so beautifully ...

7 Reasons Why WonderWorlds Are Good For You

7 Reasons Why WonderWorlds Are Good For You

7 good reasons why you're not "wasting your time" looking at the WonderWorlds images, but in fact doing a very good thing for your mind, body and spirit by taking a mini-holiday right here.


7 Reasons

Why WonderWorlds

Are Good For You


"If you can fill your mind to overflowing with beautiful things,

there can be no room left for doubt." SFX

1. Taking your eyes off your problems and placing them onto something beautiful - even for a time - clears your mind of your problems. This gives your body a chance to breathe deeply, to relax for a change, and to recover from build up stress.

2. Images of natural things are very pure and don't ask us to do anything, unlike human created artwork which always communicates about the purposes, lives and times of their authors and creators. This is why we find natural landscapes so deeply relaxing.

3. Colors and lights stimulate our neurology. This is why some people get addicted to casinos - the many colored lights attract our attention, fascinate us and delight us too, like the light reflecting off a lake, or an ocean, or the silver sparkles on freshly fallen snow.

4. In the people worlds, life can be very hard, and very grey. To be reminded of the great beauty of the natural world, of the Great Creative Order that made us all, one way or the other, is a powerful antidote to depression and hopelessness - and without any spiritual strings attached.

5. The WonderWorld images are natural, but they are also abstract in a way - they present a slightly different way of looking at things that "normally" seem so commonplace and ordinary. To look at things like this is an artist's trick, and a wonderful life skill, because if you learn it, there will always be beauty, no matter what, and no matter where.

6. The images can stimulate questions, ideas, and bring energy into your own endeavours and works of art. A certain shape can remind us of something, a color sweep of something else. For those who are so inclined, stories, ideas, and sensations, trains of thought and feelings that lead somewhere new may well be found here.

7. If you can let the energy of the images, the existences, shapes and structures simply flow into you, these images can stimulate and recharge your systems in a very interesting - and sometimes even delicious! - way.

So there we are: 7 good reasons why you're not "wasting your time" looking at the WonderWorlds, but in fact doing a very good thing for your mind, body and spirit by taking a mini-holiday right here.

Enjoy & Come Back Soon!



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