WonderWorlds Photography  Video & Images by Silvia Hartmann
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WonderWorlds Videos

Very cool videos with original soundtracks by Silvia

White Clouds Daydreaming Video: Cloudz White Clouds Daydreaming Video: Cloudz Based on the White Clouds series of photographs, here is a wonderfully relaxing and de-stressing v...
  • Quartz Textures Quartz Textures A gallery of 21 beautiful quartz textures for wonderworld dreaming or to use as base patterns for ...
  • Mysterious Stone :-) Mysterious Stone :-) There are those who say that crystals have a path and sometimes they meet the right people at the...
  • Crystal Fantasy Crystal Fantasy A real good time was had by all creating this collection of fantasy crystal photographs - fantasy ...
  • Crystal Existence Crystal Existence A gorgeous collection of classic wonderworlds images - the time and life of crystal existence in w...
  • Crystal Dynamics Crystal Dynamics Crystals are not these hard, dead rocks - they are dynamic, developing, growing, unfolding their o...
  • Quartz Crystal II Quartz Crystal II Beautiful, inspiring images of quartz crystals transport us into the crystalline wonderworlds ...
  • Tourmaline Tourmaline Gorgeous tourmaline crystals in a quartz crystal matrix ...
  • Titanium Crystals Titanium Crystals Fabulous otherworldly wonderworlds - enter the worlds of the titanium crystals ...
  • Quartz Crystal I Quartz Crystal I Gorgeous quartz crystals - true wonderworlds await ...
  • Colorful Crystals I Colorful Crystals I Beautiful images of colorful crystal worlds ...
Ice Pictures

The WonderWorlds Of Ice

Ice Gallery I Ice Gallery I Ice Gallery I: Ice melting ... so beautifully ...

Beautiful Glass

Beautiful Glass

Beautiful glass like ice in a stunning array of colors. A gallery of 22 images to enjoy celebrating the wonderworlds of simple glass.

Beautiful Glass

Wonderworlds Images Of Beautiful Glass by SFX


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  • Little Dragon Little Dragon The Little Dragon Flying :-)
  • LILA LILA Lila is the name of a Sanctuary friend who turned up one night whilst I was doodling an anime girl. ...
  • Miracle Pyramid Miracle Pyramid Whilst working on Dragon Flying, it came to pass that a sparkly pyramid wanted to be constructed ...
  • The Mens Are Still Here ... The Mens Are Still Here ... The Mens have inserted themselves successfully into all sorts of areas of "normal" life. They have ...
  • Dragon Flying Dragon Flying A dragon flying, on its way to discover a new world :-)
  • Digital Dreams 2021 Digital Dreams 2021 Digital Dreams - they come in the night, around 3am, dreaming, drifting, playing in the manifold dimensions ...
  • Magic Carpet Magic Carpet Finished just in time for my birthday, The Magic Carpet is a gift.
  • Red Red In preparation for "Magic Carpet," I wanted to test some reds one night ...
  • UFO UFO The UFO has finally landed. Here's the Modern Energy Art MEA UFO by Silvia Hartmann.
  • My Spark Of Inspiration My Spark Of Inspiration Yes, that was a fun Star Moment - my Spark of Inspiration!
  • MEA "CupCakes" 2021 MEA "CupCakes" 2021 CupCakes are small square 10cm x 10cm mini-MEAs. I love making them. Here I'll collect them as they ...
  • The Wibbles The Wibbles Arriving on August 1st, 2021, The Wibbles are happy creatures which can be any shape and any colour. ...
  • The Golden Teddy The Golden Teddy The other night, I was doodling without a thought, and a golden teddy appeared. I tried to ignore it ...
  • I Still Have Many Questions I Still Have Many Questions Following the "Universal Question," I realised that I still have many questions :-)
  • The Universal Question The Universal Question Asking questions is one of those things that people can do which is magical when you think about it. ...
  • Hello Hello An idea for a Star Matrix ad, a set of three self portraits and some unmasking ... having fun with ...
  • Inspiration - Modern Energy Art by Silvia Hartmann Inspiration - Modern Energy Art by Silvia Hartmann Sometimes, a work of art can be an inspiration ...
  • Infinite Potential Infinite Potential The 3 Stars are the Energy Symbol (Genius Symbols, SuperMind Symbols) for STARDUST - and they stand ...
  • Star Matrix Is The Cure Star Matrix Is The Cure Sometimes, and especially just recently, works of art take on a life of their own. This happened with ...
  • Golden Question Golden Question The grand finale for an amazing May on the last day with a new experience of Star Art - the golden ...
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Brick Wall Backgrounds Brick Wall Backgrounds Brick wall backgrounds - we have white bricks, black bricks, red bricks and even rainbow bricks. Yes ...